Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to Effectively Kill Boredom

Boredom can strike women at any time of their lives and is actually quite a common problem. Most women will at some point in their lives feel restless, uncomfortable or generally have a “blah” feeling that they have reached a plateau and need something more to challenge them. This is usually very common with women who are engaged in mundane and robotic day-to-day activities. Some careers can have this effect and so too can being a stay at home mom.

Defining Boredom

Before learning how to deal with boredom and lack of motivation, we need to define boredom. You are bored if; your attention wanders, you have impaired mental and physical efficiency or, if your arousal levels are at all time low. This must not be confused with physical fatigue. Boredom is a direct result of lack of stimulation and/or interest usually triggered by dull and repetitive routines. The proverbial “All work and no play makes Jack (or Jane) a dull boy/girl,” couldn’t be a more apt definition for boredom.
There are a number of solutions to boredom and most try to bring in some variety to spice up your life.

Incorporate Some Fun Activity into Your Schedule

One of the ways to deal with boredom effectively is to incorporate a fun activity in your daily schedule. Regardless of how busy you may be you can always squeeze in some activity where you get to have fun by yourself, with your partner or your family. Good examples include; scheduling an aerobics dance class, dating, going to a movie, playing scrabble, just to mention but a few. Making such a small change to a mundane schedule can do wonders for boredom and lack of motivation. If lack of motivation has been causing problems at work, you will immediately see a marked improvement in your concentration and output.

Have a Single Goal
The second strategy to effectively beat boredom and lack of motivation is to have a single goal in life that is worth one hour of your time everyday. This goal must be something you want so passionately that you will look forward to that one hour daily. The goal should give you pleasure, offer meaning, re-energize you and be something you are completely willing to do because you enjoy doing it. The single goal should come from the bottom of your heart; it should neither be borrowed nor imposed on you by anybody else. It should be one that you can fulfill in an hour daily.

Having a single meaningful goal to look forward to everyday can do wonders to improve your motivation and eliminate boredom. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and contentment everyday. To come up with a single goal that is worth one hour of your life everyday, consider your life carefully and you will soon have your answer. It could be working out for an hour daily, writing for an hour, reading a book, bonding with your kids, spending time with your partner, having some spiritual quiet time or volunteering to a worthy cause. List all the choices you come up with and narrow them down until you decide on a single thing that’s worth an hour of your time on a daily basis.